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Boizel’s was founded in 1834. Since that day, every generation has strived to enrich the family tradition and pass on the Boizel spirit. Until today, family members are involved in every single step of the production of the fine cuvées. At the heart of the family values are the love for Champagne and the passionate pursuit of finesse, character, and elegance.

Mission regarding the environment

Boizels vines are meticulously maintained and managed in accordance with sustainable viticulture practices. The house aims at embracing an environmental friendly vine making approach.


The house is located on the prestigious “Avenue de Champagne” in Épernay. Our team highly recommends a trip to Épernay and the premises of Boizel.

Interesting to know

In 1976 and 1977, Boizel was the official sponsor of the Formula 2 & Formula 3.

During WWII the enormous cellars of Boizel were used as a hospital.

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