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Exclusive Champagne

Making exclusive Champagne accessible

Frello supply

The name “Frello” comes from Frères and Friends


Supplying Restaurants is our specialty

Sharing Culture

Sharing the values of Champagne and Viticulture.

Our mission

Drink different

We provide Champagne that has not yet set foot outside of France by supporting small, family-run champagne houses that combine tradition with passion and sustainability.

Collaboration with exceptional sommeliers from France and Germany enables the quality and precision of our selection.

With Frello, we aim to raise cultural awareness and connect people in moments of celebration.

Popular Cuvées

Bottles especially enjoyed by the Frello community

Champagne Houses

Get to know our producers

Boizel’s was founded in 1834. Since that day, every generation has strived to enrich the family tradition and pass on the Boizel spirit. Until today, family members are involved in every single step of the production of the fine cuvées. At the heart of the family values are the love for Champagne and the passionate pursuit of finesse, character, and elegance.
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The House is situated in the Vallée de la Marne, where it is producing wines for more than 5 generations with an explicit passion for the Meunier Grape. The vineyard, located on the sunny hillsides of Festigny covers about 11 hectares spread over 3 communes. All the wines are made from their own harvest and premises, since 1929.
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The Isselée family has been making quality champagne, in the heart of Champagne-Ardenne, for several generations. Moreover, it is one of the few chalk cellars in Champagne. This house has been producing Grand Cru champagnes since 1999 and has always aimed at offering excellent Champagne at affordable prices.
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Our Story

Sharing a passion with family and friends

It all began on a crowded balcony in Reims, France. Karli was visiting Marci who was studying in Reims. The scenery was picturesque. A warm summer evening, French music playing in the background, 6 people squeezed onto a tiny balcony and a view over the glorious Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Reims. After the white wine was emptied, a young man entered with a box of different cuvées de Champagne. This is the moment the founders came up with an idea…

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Reims, France, 2020

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The Team

Combining enthusiasm, energy, and friendship

We are two young ambitious friends from the south of Cologne, Germany. Having known each other for 20 years, we have always maintained a brotherly bond. The passion to be among our friends and family has been essential in pioneering our lives. With the foundations of Frello supply, we seek to combine this passion of ours with Entrepreneurship and a fascinating product. Two creative minds and a unique team spirit have enabled us to successfully set up Frello supply.

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Cologne, Germany, 2020

Our Champagne Selection


Gaudinat Boivin

Isselée Père et Fils

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