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Our Mission

The Concept

Supporting small Champagne Houses

An exclusive network of champagne house owners, and prominent sommeliers, as well as an automated logistics system, allows us to

make inaccessible bottles, accessible.

Exclusive Champagne, precise selection

We research unique bottles that are not yet accessible on the non-French market.


In close collaboration with German and French sommeliers and gastronomy-experts we are consistently consulted and informed about latest trends from the Champagne region.


Through a multiple tasting cycle we provide quality, uniqueness and precision in our selection.

Finest Bubbles

Frello's first transporter

Bottle opener to new pathways

Once the bottles are approved by our professionals, our automated logistics system takes care of the rest.


Through accuracy and diligence, we allow those unique bottles to reach any location within a small-time window.


By being the best in our field, we never disappoint.

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